Big Data for Data Engineers

Have you ever heard about Big Data?
Technologies such as HDFS, MapReduce, Spark?
Always wanted to learn these new tools but missed concise starting material? Don't miss this specialization either!

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About Specialization
There are five concise courses teaching you from basics of MapReduce and offline processing to the advances in real-time processing with applications in big scale machine learning. If you are looking for the ways to expand your knowledge in the field of data engineering / analysis on the big scale, then this specialization is just right up your street.


Real Dev Environment
In comparison to existing online courses we would like to provide listeners with access to real computational cluster to expand their skills and knowledge.
All-Round Team
Big data evolves so fast, that nobody can move with the same speed. Nobody can know everything about Big Data. For this reason we put together our big and all-round team. All together we can explain everything.
All-in-browser Sandbox
All-in-browser sandbox configuration for the best Big Data learning experience. You could study Big Data from any device with an Internet connection. Be it Windows, Linux, Mac OS, mobile or tablet device.
Meet our team
Alexey Dral
Head of BigData Specialization
CEO at BigData Team
(ex. Amazon AWS, Yandex, Rambler, Sberbank)
Emeli Dral
Chief Technical Officer,
Evidently AI
(ex. Chief Data Scientist, Mechanica AI,
ex. head of Big Data Department at Yandex Data Factory, Rambler)
Pavel Mezentsev
Senior Data Scientist at PulsePoint
(ex. Rambler)
Anton Gorokhov
Course Designer
PhD, Senior SDE at Yandex
(ex. Rambler)
Natasha Pritykovskaya
Software Developer at Odnoklassniki (
(ex. Yandex)
Pavel Klemenov
Head of Machine Learning department at NVIDIA,
Founder of Moscow Spark
Ilya Trofimov
Head of Research Team at Yandex
Ivan Puzyrevskiy
Team Lead of Software Development Team at Yandex
Evegeniy Ryabenko
Guest Speaker
Senior Data Scientist,
Evgeny Frolov
Guest Speaker
PhD, Skoltech
Vladimir Lesnichenko
Guest Speaker
R&D team lead,
Oleg Suhoroslov
Course Designer
PhD, Senior Researcher at Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)
(ex. expert at Yandex)
Pavel Akhtyamov
Course Designer
Teaching Assistant at ATP dept., MIPT Developer-Analyst at VicMan
Oleg Ivchenko
Course Designer
Teaching assistant at ATP dept.,
MIPT, PhD student
Vladimir Kuznetsov
Course Designer
Assistant at P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University,
Senior SDE at Confirmit
Asya Roitberg
Producer Assistant
Prof.Mikhail Roytberg
Head of APT department at MIPT
Laboratory of Applied Mathematics, Institute of Mathematical Problems in Biology - branch of Keldysh Applied Mathematics Institute
Departament of Algorithms and Programming Technologies, MIPT
Marina Sudarikova
Producer Assistant
Evgene Baulin
Teaching Assistant at ATP dept.,
Artyom Vybornov
Big Data Instructor
Lead Software Engineer,

Reviews from Coursera

What should I know?

• A student needs to have programming experience in Python.
• A student should also need to complete a basic course on Algorithms prior to starting this specialization.
• Introductory course on Machine Learning is not required, but it will be helpful to grasp material of the third course
(Machine Learning at Scale) easier.

Feel free to ask any questions you may have!
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