Onsite courses & Workshops

New technologies evolves so fast, that nobody can move with the same speed. Nobody can know everything about it. For this reason we put together our big and all-round team. All together we can explain everything. What is of most importance we can explain where you can and cannot use these technologies.

Do you wonder what Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Big Data is, but missing a good explanation on simple English? Request a course or workshop for your company.

Our instructors are Chief Data Scientists / Team Leads / R&D Engineers at companies such as Amazon AWS, Sberbank, Yandex. We also give lecturers at the state and corporate universities. Examples are Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), Yandex School of Data Analysis (YSDA), Higher School of Economics (HSE), Sberbank Corporate University, Harbour.Space.

  • onsite course on Big Data, Harbour.Space (Spain, June, 2018)
  • workshop on Big Data for Executives, Digital October / Binary District
  • workshops on practical Data Science at Sberbank
  • development and execution of educational RoadMap for MIPT, subdepartment of Big Data and Machine Learning. 500 BSc and MSc students study our courses annually. Major customers are ABBYY, Yandex, 1C.

          In comparison to existing online courses we would like to provide listeners with practical skills and knowledge. Therefore, we develop our own software for educational purposes. For instance, we can spawn Hadoop or Spark cluster in the cloud and integrate it with an educational platform.

          Together with Yandex we have developed and launched courses on Big Data on Coursera - "Big Data for Data Engineers". They are the first ever international massive online courses with the access to real computational cluster. MIPT (State University) already use it in the form of flipped classroom.

          1. Big Data Essentials: HDFS, MapReduce and Spark RDD
          2. Big Data Analysis: Hive, Spark SQL, DataFrames and GraphFrames
          3. Big Data Applications: Machine Learning at Scale
          4. Big Data Applications: Real-Time Streaming (in development)
          5. Big Data Services: Capstone Project (in development)

                Research & Development

                Big Data and Machine Learning are inevitable components of a modern business. If you would like to expand your business or review existing initiatives, you can request consulting, research and even outsource development.

                Projects (customers are not disclosed):
                • AI RoadMap, financial institute (TOP-3 in Russia), consulting
                • chat-bot, pharmacy chain (TOP-3 in Russia), development
                • architecture and software development best practices, ML-startup, consulting
                • storage and data pipeline optimization, telecom (TOP-3 in Russia), research & prototyping

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                        +7 (920) 149-40-50

                        Alexey Dral
                        Founder & СEO
                        Head of Big Data & Machine Learning, MIPT
                        Head of "Big Data for Data Engineers" (Coursera)
                        Pavel Klemenkov
                        Big Data Instructor
                        Chief Data Scientist (Data Platform), NVIDIA.
                        Founder, Moscow Spark
                        Co-author "Big Data for Data Engineers" (Coursera)
                        Radoslav Neychev
                        Machine Learning Instructor
                        Research Scientist, Laboratory of Machine Intelligence, MIPT
                        Member of LHCb collaboration, CERN
                        Dmitry Ignatov
                        Machine Learning Instructor
                        Associate Professor and Deputy Chair for the National Research University Higher School of Economics at the department of Artificial Intelligence and Data Analysis
                        Maria Kochetova
                        Project Manager

                        Artym Kozlov

                        R&D Engineer
                        Bachelor. MSU, CMC
                        Master of Arts in Economics, NES
                        ex. Teaching assistant, NES
                        Oleg Ivchenko
                        BigData Administrator/DevOps Engineer
                        Teaching assistant, PhD student MIPT
                        Pavel Akhtyamov
                        DevOps Engineer
                        Developer-Analyst, VicMan LLC
                        Teaching assistant, MIPT
                        Natasha Pritykovskaya
                        Big Data Instructor
                        Senior Data Scientist at Mechanica.ai
                        Lecturer at MIPT
                        Co-author "Big Data for Data Engineers" (Coursera)
                        Anastasia Yanina
                        Machine Learning Instructor
                        Research Scientist, Laboratory of Machine Intelligence, MIPT
                        Teaching assistant, MIPT
                        Anton Gorokhov
                        Big Data Instructor
                        Senior SDE, Yandex
                        PhD, Associate Professor, MIPT

                        Artym Vybornov
                        Big Data Instructor
                        Lead Software Engineer, Rambler&Co
                        Co-author "Big Data for Data Engineers" (Coursera)

                        Our Partners

                        Innopolis University
                        American Center

                        Big Data Workshop at Harbour.Space, Sberbank
                        Data Science Secrets, World Festival of Youth and Students, 2018